3 Ways to Avoid Traffic Tickets

2814882133_ee0f5fc272_bWith many municipalities and states looking to add to their coffers, it’s no surprise they’re looking to nail motorists for traffic infractions. However, you don’t have to let this happen to you. By following a few tips, you can make it safely to your destination without fear of getting a traffic citation. Here’s how to do it.

1. A Few Tricks

If you have a lead foot, sometimes you’ll catch yourself speeding just as you roll by an officer. One tip many officers suggest is to wave at the officer as you pass, which makes them believe you know them. As a result, you might pass by freely. In the case of actually getting pulled over, never admit guilt. Instead, act politely, follow the officer’s directions, and ask for a warning. It’s amazing how many times this works.

2. Know the Law

Because laws vary from state to state, it’s important to know the laws in a specific area, especially if you’re on vacation. Make sure to brush up on laws before you travel, as ignorance to the law doesn’t often work as an excuse.

3. Use Technology to Your Advantage

While you don’t want to use your phone while you’re driving, several apps are great for avoiding tickets if you use them before you hit the road. Trapster and Waze are two awesome apps that provide real-time updates on speed traps and where cops are lurking. Plus, they’re free and work on both Android and iOS.

Don’t get blindsided by tickets that are easily avoided. Instead, stay attentive and remember these simple tips.


Image via Flickr by dwightsghost

A Little-Known Park Right Near Your Backyard: Mary Cummings Park

Along the Burlington-Woburn border is a little-known park with over two hundred acres of land. The land was given to the City of Boston in 1930, and meant to be kept open forever as public land.

Mary Cummings Park Land Features

Spread out over two hundred acres, the park offers meadows, extensive wetlands, deep forests, and a network of trails for hiking, walking, or jogging.  Come for the day and enjoy a picnic with friends and family, bring a Frisbee or play catch, or organize a kickball game. There are many opportunities for outdoor recreation at the park.

Adjacent to Mary Cummings Park is another 75 acres called Whispering Hill owned by the City of Woburn and used as another public park area, and 25 acres which belong to the Quail Run Conservation land. The Mary Cummings Park is a quiet

Parking at the Park

There is on-street parking along Blanchard Road in Burlington and on the end of Sylvanus Wood Lane in Woburn. There is a large parking lot near the new soccer field on Blanchard Road between Bedford Street and the big blue water tower. Before parking in the parking lots of neighboring businesses, please check to make sure it is ok. Many will let you park your vehicles there to use the park.

Organized Events in the Park

If you would like to organize a large event on park grounds, you can apply for a permit from the City of Boston.